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Projects, design and interior design of integral refurbishment

Projects, design and interior design of integral refurbishment

In recent years, in the face of an adverse economic situation, many families and individuals have preferred to carry out comprehensive renovation projects of their usual homes or the acquisition of flats and second-hand homes with the intention of completely renovating them, which is why having reliable renovation companies has become a clear objective for private clients in the renovation market.

This has also been helped by the fact that the price of housing has suffered a clear decline that has allowed access to used homes with a more affordable purchase value and has helped to boost the renovation sector and customers to get homes adapted to their needs and tastes thanks to being able to invest a greater amount of money in the transformation or renovation of their homes.




From Alberta Spaces, we understand by integral reform of a flat or house that one that implies a global transformation of this property in aspects such as the distribution, isolations, coatings, carpentries, facilities, air conditioning… of those that it presents in the previous moment the house and that implies therefore the execution of works or tasks such as:

  • Carrying out new partitions or interior partition walls,
  • Kitchen refurbishment,
  • Renovation of bathrooms,
  • Replacement of wooden or interior carpentry elements
  • Changes of windows and exterior carpentry elements
  • Renovation of plumbing installations,
  • Electrical and lighting installations,
  • Telecommunications installation,
  • Installation or improvement of air-conditioning-heating system,
  • Improvement of general cladding.

Our Alberta Spaces team is experienced to realize an integral reform in all over Spain. If you want to make a change in your place, you can contact us, we will advise you and carry out your project.

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